The Emerald Warrior (liana_bluestar) wrote in 30_tears,
The Emerald Warrior

Purge announcement!

It's about time I did one of these.  ^_^

Anyway, this is the three week notice for all members who have not posted or made claims after February 1, 2008.  Claims made before that date either need to be updated or dropped.  I am not taking any requests for extensions.  I've not done a purge in almost a year.  I think that's been a long enough extension for everyone, including myself.

The purge will take place on May 1st around midnight.  All participants in danger of losing their claims have until then.

Remember, your claim is only in danger if you have not posted or made a claim before February 1, 2008.

Thank you and love,

The Moderator (that's me.  the one posting this.  ;))
Tags: purge announcement
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