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A Slip of The Tongue -Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei/Kagome Higurashi Theme 10. salt on an open wound

Title: A Slip Of The Tongue
Author: Ryukotsusei
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha
Characters: Hiei/Kagome Higurashi
Prompt: 10. salt on an open wound
Word Count: 7,271
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Lemon

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Takahashi Rumiko and Yu Yu Hahusko belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi. I make no claims of ownership to either series, nor do I make any profit off of this fan fiction.

Sly looks were passed back and forth across the checkered blanket which was spread out upon the soft grass. Giggles were muffled by hands as they observed their friend once more spacing out. It wasn't hard to know what Kagome was thinking about, especially if you considered the slight flush of her cheeks but the fact that it had been noticed only made the girl a prime target for being teased that particular day. While Yusuke and Kuwabara picked through the picnic basket Keiko and Botan continued their near silent observation of the girl.

"What are you two giggling about over here?" Shizuru set the case of sodas down for the boys to fight over before coming to rest next to Keiko. The question drew the attention of the others for a moment, Yusuke and Kuwabara looking slightly confused over the girls actions while the two demons in the group looked as if they weren't paying attention. Somehow she was willing to bet that nothing could be farther from the truth however. Just as she was about to repeat the question Keiko laughed once more and pointed towards the raven haired miko who now had her eyes closed with a slight smile on her face. "Oh..... Guess she got bored and decided to think on something more interesting."

"Something or someone, I wonder who he is." An amused grin crossed Keiko's face as she spoke, if this had been the first time it had happened there was every possibility that they'd have overlooked it but the priestess spacing had been happening far too frequently to ignore. Usually it only happened when the boys were around which lead her to suspect the girl was crushing on one of the boys but so far her inquiries had gone unanswered. Looking to Kagome's behavior for answers didn't yield any information either, she went out of her way to make sure that she didn't pay too much attention to any one of them. It was beyond frustrating and finally she brought it to Botan's attention hoping the ferry girl could help her solve the mystery.

Reaching for a roll, Botan pursed her lips as she contemplated the girl. Many theories had come only to be shot down brutally soon after by watching Kagome around each of the guys. The only one that they were certain it wasn't was Yusuke, simply because none of them believed the girl had it in her to go after someone that was taken. "You're guess is as good as mine, I certainly haven't been able to get anything out of her. Maybe it's someone we don't know?"

"Maybe but I doubt it." Shizuru observed the girl for several long moments and then shook her head. The girl obviously had damned poor timing for something like this when all she could do was think on it. Being as they'd only brought one car it meant that Kagome was stuck here with a problem until they all decided to leave. The priestess didn't strike her as the type to use the bathroom facilities on sight for a personal problem like the one she obviously had. "You've been roommates with her for what? Eight months now Keiko? I'm positive if there was a guy she had the hots for she'd have brought him around by now or you'd have noticed her going off to meet him. I think he's closer than we think."

"I'm betting it's Kurama." Tired of arguing with Kuwabara over just who got what, Yusuke moved over to join in on the conversation. All eyes turned towards him then, with the exception of the topic of their conversation who continued to remain oblivious. "What? It's not like she'd be the first girl to want in his pants. Who else could it be? Hiei? She probably knows there's no way in hell he'd be interested in her because she's human. Kuwabara's out, he's got Yukina and I doubt Kagome's taste runs towards tall and ugly." A grin crossed his face as his comment drew an indignant yell from the man he'd just insulted.

"Kindly leave me out of your conversation if you please." It wasn't that Kurama didn't find their talk entertaining, on the contrary it was highly amusing. What was not was the glower that settled on Hiei's face as soon as they'd been mentioned. They too had noticed the girl's wandering attention though they'd picked up on it long before Keiko and Botan had noticed. Of course when one had demonic senses and was downwind of an aroused female, it was kind of hard not to notice.

"Spoil sport." Botan stuck her tongue out at the avatar before returning her attention to Kagome. Just how long did she plan to sit there daydreaming about her lover boy, whoever he was. It made her wonder just what she was missing out on with Koenma if just the mere thought of some fantasy man was capable of putting that sort of smile on a girl's face. "So who's going to go wake sleeping beauty up?"

"Shouldn't we just leave her alone? There might be a reason she hasn't told anyone." She might be naive about a great many things but even Yukina understood that some things were just better left alone. Kagome would tell them when she was ready, there wasn't any reason to pester her for information before hand. It would only make her uncomfortable and it had taken a very long time for the priestess to relax around them to begin with.

"Nonsense Yukina, what are girlfriends for? We're supposed to be able to talk about all the juicy little details in each other's lives." After all, she'd been put in almost the exact same predicament with the questions sure to follow when she first started dating Koenma. The burning question through both Keiko and Shizuru's mind had been whether or not all those years sucking on the pacifier gave him any particular talents with his tongue. Since she'd been forced to endure the embarrassment then Kagome could as well. Tossing her roll down, the ferry girl stood and stretched before making her way over to Kagome and sitting down next to the girl.

The sudden proximity of another person so close to her jerked Kagome out of her rather vivid thoughts, bringing her rudely back to the present. Turning sharply to face her visitor the miko tried smiling politely, hoping that no indication would be given of just where her mind had been. Unfortunately as she stared up into those mischievous pink eyes she knew that she hadn't exactly succeeded in her endeavor. 'Of all the horrid timing for these things to happen. And why does it have to always happen to me?' Kagome couldn't stop the mental cursing that she was indulging in at the moment. 'I'm in deep trouble.' Swallowing hard, Kagome continued to push the innocent act regardless of the fact that everyone was staring at her, including the object of her fantasies. "Is there something that you needed Botan?"

"Oh not really, you just seemed to be a bit preoccupied." Botan moved even closer to her, throwing her arm over the girl's shoulder when Kagome gave her a trapped look. "Now Kagome don't look like that, we just want to know what's going on in that pretty head of yours. You've been holding out on us for far too long anyway. So who is he? Anyone we know?" Even the birds had fallen silent it seemed as her voice trailed off. Everyone was waiting for an answer though some appeared to be completely disinterested in the question. Botan wasn't fooled though as she continued to prod for information. "Go on, you can tell us!"

"I don't know what your talking about Botan." There was no way she was going to go into detail on just what she'd been thinking. At the moment she wanted to curse the girl beside her for going into so much graphic detail in just how good Koenma was with his tongue. It had lead her to entirely inappropriate thoughts on a certain someone near by but she'd be damned if she was going to blurt out she was lusting after him of all people.

Shizuru snorted at the blatant lie though she couldn't exactly blame the miko. Not everyone wanted their private life put on display so prominently but then again she should have kept a better hold on her imagination. "Right Kagome, tell us another one. We were beginning to think you'd sat in a pile of ants with the way you were squirming over there so out with it. Or do you need one of the guys to go over there and tell us just what they smell from you?" It was playing dirty but she was just as interested as the rest of them in who this mystery crush was.

None of them had believed it was possible for Kagome's blush to get any deeper than it already was but they were proven wrong once more as her gaze turned towards the ground and her shoulders slumped. The sound of a twig snapping jerked her head up once more though and her expression turned to one of horror as Kurama took another step towards her, clearly intent on taking Shizuru up on her suggestion. Frantically her eyes darted over to the apparition standing behind him before jerking away once more when his eyes narrowed speculatively at her. Clutching at the edge of her skirt, Kagome wondered if she could make a run for it and escape this hellish inquisition but somehow she just knew she'd be tackled before she'd made it ten feet. She was stuck, well and truly stuck and there was no escape for her. It was time for a quick lie and briefly she sent a prayer to Inuyasha hoping he'd forgive her for what she was about to do. "Uh... It's no one you know."

"Really? I thought I knew all of your friends Kagome." Keiko picked at her food with a mock pout on her face. It was easy to tell when Kagome lied, her fidgeting became even worse than normal. "So why haven't you brought him around then? I thought we could talk about anything!" Guilt welled up inside of her for only a split second before it vanished once more. This was what Kagome got for trying to get out of giving them what they wanted. If a good guilt trip would get the goods then Keiko wasn't above using every dirty trick at her disposal. Really, Yusuke should be proud of her.

"But... It's not.." Once more the idea of bolting seemed like a good idea, especially since Yukina had moved and laid a comforting hand on Keiko's shoulder. When had she turned into the bad guy here? So she didn't want to admit that she found one of the guys attractive, it's not like he'd ever be interested in her anyway. Why set herself up to be laughed at? Unfortunately she was already in this predicament though with no way out of it except to lie through her teeth and pray no one called her on it. "You don't know him because he's a very old friend, one I haven't seen in a while. I miss him you know?"

"I'd say in order to get that kinda reaction. So what happened? Where is he now?" So far Yusuke hadn't been able to pick up on a lie from her but the way Kagome continued to play with the hem of her skirt had him wondering just what they were missing. Contrary to popular opinion of the girls he wasn't quite as unobservant as they were inclined to believe. More than once he'd listened in on their conversations and he was well aware of every single crush that girl had ever had spoken of which equaled to two. Since she'd flat out said Hojo never interested her physically there would be only one other old flame it could be, which would match up with what she was saying. But still, he'd also heard her say she was long over him and ready to move on. It wouldn't make sense for her to start daydreaming of him now.

"Look it doesn't matter, it's in the past and nothing can happen anyway so you guys may as well drop it." It was tempting to cross her fingers in hopes that they'd accept what she'd said and that would be the end of it but drawing even more unnecessary attention to herself was out of the question. Various look of doubt and some irritation stared back at her once more and this time it was Hiei who stepped forward, his hand going to the ward over the Jagan. All the color drained from her face then, there were some doubts that the evil eye would be able to work on her but was it really worth the risk? Before he could complete the move Kagome waved her hands frantically. "Alright alright, his name was Inuyasha and he was an inu hanyou I knew when I'd traveled to the past. Five hundred years separate us so it's pointless to even consider alright! Happy now?"

It was easy to feel the increasing agitation from the hybrid next to him and Kurama knew it was only a matter of time before Hiei made a move on the girl. However if she were lusting after some old friend then it would just make the apparition's decision on when to approach her all the more uncertain. Just as Yusuke had picked up on something about her story being off, he did as well. "Forgive me Kagome but I can't help but think your not being honest, at least not completely. You're hoping to mislead us with bits of information aren't you?" His gaze turned predatory and he could feel the heated gaze of his partner on his back as he continued walking towards her.

When it looked as if Kagome was going to bolt, Yusuke shifted positions and grinned. "Don't even try it Kags, you know as well as I do that there's no way you're getting out of this and I happen to agree with Kurama. You're hiding something from us. If it really was an old friend then something had to have triggered it recently. Personally I think you're full of it, you just don't want whoever it is knowing that you like him. Afraid he won't like you or something? Well, I guess you might be right.. I don't see either Kurama or Hiei being attracted to someone who couldn't even admit she was thinking about them."

It didn't matter that the accusations were true, just the fact that two people now had called her a liar made Kagome see red. Shrugging off Botan's arm, she stood and glowered furiously at the Detective. It was tempting to shove that can of soda right up his ass at the moment with that cocky grin he was giving her. "I don't see what you think is so damned funny about this! So What? You think I'm not good enough for any of you just because I don't go blabbing about my sex life? Well let me tell you something, I may not be what Hiei looks for in a...." Kagome trailed off as she realized just what she said, her hand covering her mouth in a gasp. Stunned silence followed her declaration and without turning to look at the apparition's face she bolted towards the bathroom facilities. There was no way she wanted to see the horror and disgust on his face now that they all knew just who she'd been thinking of.

Botan watched the girl run off, stunned by Kagome's outburst. She'd been willing to lay money on it being Kurama and had believed that maybe just maybe the avatar might actually be interested in the girl as well if he knew. But Hiei on the other hand, what on Earth would attract a girl like Kagome to him? Worse yet was how would he react to hearing that a priestess actually liked him. A quick look at him proved that the girl's words had stunned him but there was also something else about his expression that she couldn't quite place. Botan began pulling herself to her feet to go after Kagome, she'd likely need someone to talk to after this. "Kagome wait!"

"Idiot, don't you think you've done enough?" It was going to be harder than ever to talk to the girl now based on the reaction she'd just been given. Did she truly believe that she wasn't his type? Hiei nearly snorted at that thought, he didn't have a type so to speak. Either a woman impressed him or they didn't, it was as simple as that. Only once they had his respect did he even consider whether he was attracted to them or not. "You've all done enough, she'll not want to see any of you right now and with good reason." Of course Hiei knew he wasn't blameless in this either but it wasn't in his nature to feel guilt for his actions. All this did was finalize his decision to pursue her. Kagome wanted him and he desired her, any other factors were irrelevant.

"Oh get over it Hiei, none of us knew she was going to hit the roof like that. She'll come around, Kagome doesn't stay mad for long unlike some people I know." When he said that Yusuke knew a swing was coming and ducked out of the way when Keiko attempted to smack the back of his head. It would figure she would think that he was talking about her when he was actually referring to the apparition that was glaring at him. "Dammit Keiko I'm not a damned dog, quit trying to hit me!" When his girlfriend huffed and crossed her arms Yusuke rubbed the back of his neck, looking towards the building Kagome had disappeared into. "So are you gonna go after her then or you just gonna let her hide in the bathroom all day?"

Shizuru shook her head and threw a wadded up napkin, hitting Yusuke in the forehead with it. "No wonder Genkai calls you a dimwit. Do you really think she's going to want to see him right now? Kagome thinks that Hiei is disgusted by her, why would she want him walking in at this very minute? She'd probably think he was there to laugh at her." Honestly she didn't know if anyone should go after the girl so soon since they were the ones to humiliate her so badly. It was a toss up between whether or not the girl was in there crying or punching the wall in frustration.

"So then we should just leave her alone?" Yukina wasn't entirely certain that was the best of ideas either. What if the girl needed to talk? They couldn't just leave her there that was for certain, they'd all come together for this trip. If someone didn't go talk to the girl then how strained would the ride home be? Assuming that Kagome was even willing to get in the car with them.

"Yes, for a few minutes anyway. Give her some time to calm down and then I'd say she'd probably be most likely to talk to you Yukina. You didn't actively participate in this whole mess. Regardless, I think that the picnic is officially over. There's no way she'll be able to have any fun with the way this has turned out and I can't say I blame her." It sucked knowing that you were one of the ones responsible for ruining everyone's outing but Shizuru wasn't going to dwell on it too much. Based on the way Hiei was looking towards where Kagome had gone the girl had nothing to worry about. Sooner or later the apparition would stake his claim and hopefully this incident would be forgotten.

Grumbling under his breath, Kuwabara began packing up the basket. Personally he thought all of them were inconsiderate and needed a good thrashing. Or in the girl's cases a stern talking to. There were just some things one didn't talk about in public and harassing Kagome over it was inconsiderate in his opinion. "I can't believe you all, I don't blame her for being pissed off with what happened. Next time think before you open your mouths okay?"

"If I wanted your opinion I'd give it to you. Sit down before you hurt yourself." Once more Hiei had taken up his position by the tree, for the moment taking Shizuru's advice. It would be a while before Kagome calmed down and while he hated to say it she probably wouldn't want to see him just yet. Once Yukina had a chance to talk to her though he'd settle this matter between them. As much as he hated waiting he was willing to bide his time for a little while longer.


A growl of frustration escaped Kagome's throat as she sat down upon one of the benches so thoughtfully provided by the recreation center and angrily swiped a tear away. It beat sitting on a toilet any day of the week and at the moment she was thankful for any small favor that she could find. How could this have happened? How could she have been so stupid to slip so easily? And just why had she kicked the wall? Now in addition to everything else her foot throbbed from the pain of finding out concrete was indeed stronger than the average shoe.

"I'll never be able to go back out there." Once more she stood up and went over to the small window, peering out at the group who seemed to be packing everything up. Of course by the wild gesticulating being done by Kuwabara there was likely some sort of argument going on. Thankfully she was far enough away that she couldn't hear what was being said, there was no way she wanted to find out if she was still the topic of conversation. If they were packing up however it meant they intended on leaving soon which meant she'd have to face them all again.

Unable to even consider that prospect, Kagome shoved her hands deep within her pockets in a search for some change. A sigh of relief was breathed as she clasped a few small bills in her hands, more than enough for bus fare home. It meant leaving her purse for the others to bring back but she had no doubts that Keiko would be sure to toss it in the car with everything else. There was no way she was going to go out there and get it now. Looking out the window once more proved that all of them were currently occupied in the shouting match that seemed to be going on. Quickly she cracked open the door and slipped outside, disappearing around the corner of the building before anyone had a chance to notice her.

Sooner or later she knew that someone would come to check on her but by then she'd be long gone. Thankfully the bus stop wasn't that far away and they were generally on time, one arriving every fifteen minutes. Glancing at her watch, Kagome realized she only had about five minutes before the next one arrived. "Dammit!" picking up speed, Kagome ignored the pain in her foot as she ran towards the stop. Only once she was on that bus would she be home free for the time being. She wasn't so foolish to think that they wouldn't catch up to her eventually though. What would happen then was anyone's guess.

"Wait!" Waving frantically, Kagome tried to catch the bus driver's attention just as they were about to drive off. Much to her relief the man waited on her to climb aboard and shove the money in the container before closing the doors. Wearily she found a seat that was unoccupied with very few people around her. The last thing she wanted was some freak asking why she was out of breath or why she looked so upset. At the moment she just wanted to go home, lock herself in her bedroom and not come out for a very long time. Three years was sounding good right about now.

At the moment she didn't even want to think of what their reactions would be to finding her gone. Hiei of course would be able to locate her easily assuming he wanted to but somehow she doubted he'd waste the effort in coming after her. The others might but they wouldn't exactly try to jump in a moving bus without a better reason that her leaving without telling them. It was a given that she'd hear about it from Keiko later but as she continued to dwell on it her anger only continued to grow. Let one of them try and bitch at her for leaving, she had more than a couple of words to say in return and she was quite willing to unload both barrels on them at the slightest provocation.

However that would have to wait for later, it would still take a while for any of them to get back and she was almost to her stop. As the bus slowed a final time she stood and made her way to the front of the vehicle, giving a tired smile to the driver as he opened the door. "Thanks." A cool breeze ruffled her hair as she continued to walk towards the house, bringing Kagome some measure of peace until she realized that she didn't have her keys on her since her purse was back at the park. "Why? Why can't just one thing go right? Do you hate me that much?" The yell to the heavens was answered by a dog two houses down barking causing Kagome to scowl. Koenma was probably laughing his ass of at her right now for all she knew.

"Stupid dog." Kagome stormed down the sidewalk towards the house anyway. At the moment she was more than ready to break a window if she had to just to get inside and away from it all. The time of seclusion was now up to five years and an unlimited supply of cookie dough ice cream in order to sooth her frazzled nerves. As she came up to the residence she shared with Keiko, her gaze trailed over the building looking for an open window. Not seeing one Kagome made her way into the back yard where she eyed a rather large rock. It was entirely too tempting to toss the thing but for the moment she refrained in favor of trying the kitchen window. As expected it was open though crawling through it wasn't going to be the easiest of tasks. Taking a quick look around Kagome noticed one of her neighbors watering his back yard and giving her an odd look. "I forgot my keys."

Receiving a slightly amused grin, Kagome turned her attention back to getting inside. After shoving the window open to its fullest she began the arduous task of hauling herself up the side of the wall. It wasn't the easiest of things to do but she'd experienced worse in her travels to the past. Halfway in the small opening Kagome gripped the edge of the counter top and growled as she felt the breeze blow her skirt up around her waist. "Koenma I'm going to kill you." Ignoring the amused laughter coming from the neighbor, Kagome pulled herself the rest of the way in. A slight bang to the shin and her severely bruised pride were the only scuffs she came away with from breaking into the house thankfully. The neighbor was just one more person added to the growing list of who she could never show her face around again.

Shutting the window forcibly, Kagome then yanked off her shoes and exited the kitchen. As she dropped the footwear by the door the priestess took a moment to examine her foot before shaking her head. Bruised not broken thankfully, it should only be a few days before it was back to normal. "Ice cream... or a bath." Both ideas were tempting but the thought of being able to relax in the tub for a while won out after only a few moments thought. A quick stop to the linen closet provided her with a soft towel before heading into her bedroom to grab her bathrobe. After making sure the bedroom door was locked Kagome entered the bathroom, the door shutting quietly behind her. Keeping the lights dimmed, she began filling the tub and dropped some bath oil into the water.

The room quickly filled with steam and Kagome began peeling her clothes off. As she examined her skirt she couldn't help but frown, somehow she'd managed to tear it in the back. It had probably happened when she was climbing through the window, she'd just been too concerned with flashing her underwear to notice. "Well that's one skirt ruined." Tossing it to the floor she then stepped out of her underwear, dropping them as well without care to where they landed. A flip of a switch to the radio on the counter had soft music filling the air, helping to relax her even further. Shutting off the faucet, Kagome entered the hot water with a blissful sigh. She'd likely cook before she was ready to come out but that was just fine with her. Only once she was neck deep in the steaming liquid did she breathe a sigh of relief and close her eyes.

Song after song passed and Kagome had to sigh as she felt the water going cold. Pulling the plug allowed most of the water to drain out but there was no way she was ready to get out just yet. Refilling the tub, Kagome leaned back once more and allowed herself to return to the fantasy that had been so rudely interrupted earlier. It didn't matter the humiliation that she'd suffered earlier, if nothing else she could have the apparition in her dreams. It would have to suffice for she doubted she'd get anything more than the illusion she'd worked up.

The door closed quietly behind him as Hiei entered the bathroom and the sound went unnoticed, easily covered by the music coming from the radio. Even with her enhanced abilities the girl had yet to notice him. It was faint, the smell of her arousal but there was no denying its presence. The fragrant bath oils just did a good job of concealing it. The fact that she hadn't used those ridiculous bubbles that human women seemed to be so fond of pleased him greatly for it gave him a completely unobstructed view of her body and just what she was doing to it. Smirking to himself he pulled the cloak off of his body, draping it over the sink before moving his hands towards his belts. Still the girl remained unaware as the pants slid from his body, leaving him completely bare to view. Slowly he knelt beside the tub, taking a moment to look her over once more before touching her cheek. "You seem to make a habit of doing this don't you?"

Water sloshed over the sides of the tub as Kagome panicked, drawing her knees up to her chest. As her eyes flew open she found herself staring into amused crimson, her face flushing once more with embarrassment and no small amount of anger. "Hiei! What are you doing in here! Haven't you learned it's not polite to just walk in?" The touch on her face had nearly launched her through the ceiling in fear until she realized just who it was. What were the odds that he would decide to come in while she was bathing?

"I'm about to join you. What's it look like I'm doing?" Humans and their sense of what was proper were so very amusing at times and Hiei chuckled at the mortified expression that crossed Kagome's face. No wonder he'd been left in the dark as to just what she wanted from him, she was entirely too proficient at hiding behind that sweet and innocent mask that she so frequently wore. Now he knew better though, if not from earlier in the afternoon he'd just gotten a good glimpse of exactly where her hand had been. "You can't tell me you want me to leave, we both know better."

"But!" The protest died as the apparition stood up and revealed to her that he was completely nude. Swallowing hard Kagome tried not to look down at his body, her mind still attempting to process the fact that he was here, naked in her bathroom. It wasn't in her to snap at him as he guided her forward to give him room to slide in behind her. As his arms then wrapped around her waist and pulled her against a firm chest, Kagome once more found her voice. "If all your looking for is an easy lay you can leave now. Even if I like you it doesn't mean I'm going to spread my legs just because you want some."

Hiei nearly rolled his eyes at the complaint, apparently he was going to have to spell it out for her so she understood just what was happening. "If all I was looking for was a quick fuck I would have headed back to the Makai or haven't you realized that yet?" Slowly he ran his hands down her arms in a soothing gesture even as he nuzzled her neck. "Kurama has known of my interest in you for months, why do you think he's kept his distance from you? None would be so foolish as to challenge me for a woman I've taken an interest in."

"An interest in?" It was so very hard to think with him touching her even if so far he hadn't ventured into forbidden territory. "Is that what you call joining me in the tub? Whatever happened to dating and all that?" The idea of Hiei showing up at her door with flowers in one hand was difficult to swallow but she would have pictured that before a nude apparition in her tub.

"Are you sure you don't have me confused with Kurama?" A hint of jealousy entered his voice and Hiei didn't bother trying to conceal it. His hands ceased in their motions in favor of his arms tightening around her possessively. "You know what you desire so why persist in denying the truth? I've long accepted the fact that I want you and I'm tired of waiting. This will not be a one time thing, nor a casual relationship. I will accept nothing less than your complete devotion and in return you shall have mine. If this is not acceptable then tell me now and I shall take my leave." Impatiently he waited for her answer knowing it would not be long in coming.

Slowly Kagome let out the breath she'd been holding while he spoke. Never had she expected to hear those words come from him but they were not unwelcome. The possessiveness wasn't surprising, she'd long become accustomed to that when she'd been with Inuyasha and had recognized that Hiei would be the same way if not worse after she'd come to know him for a while. Hesitantly she turned in his arms, looking into his eyes for any sign that he was playing with her. "I won't ask you to leave, but are you sure you want this?"

"I detest repeating myself." Deciding that action's spoke louder than words anyway, Hiei lowered his lips to cover hers leaving her no chance to respond. Gently he nibbled on her lower lip before slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Shyly her tongue came up to play with his own as his hands continued in their slow exploration. Clearly she was inexperienced but that didn't bother him in the least. He took his time in exploring her mouth gently, not wanting to rush things too quickly and risk frightening her. Later once she'd become accustomed to his touch would he allow himself the pleasure of taking her as he desired at this very moment.

Water lapped gently around her as Kagome completely turned in his arms. The small confines of the tub didn't seem to hinder her as she straddled his legs and leaned in closer. Slick fingers ran down her back, tracing along sensitive flesh even as she pressed against his chest. As the hands slid beneath the water and gripped her backside pulling her forward, Kagome broke the kiss and turned her attention to his neck, nipping at the tender flesh just below his jawline.

Hiei knew that sooner or later his control would snap, the girl in his lap rapidly pushing him towards his breaking point. She'd added her own movements to his, sliding against his heated length and increasing the sensuous torture she was inflicting with every movement of her lips on his skin. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating, easily overpowering the other smells in the room and driving him that much closer to the edge. Biting back a moan when she rocked against his erection once more, his hands went to her hips and held her in place for a moment while he battled the desire to take her quickly.

Uncertainty filled her when Hiei stopped her from moving and she pulled back slightly looking at him in concern. His expression was one of barely controlled hunger and his breathing heavy as his gaze ran over her body. She was about to ask him if everything was alright when his fingers slid lightly over her hip and down to her core. Her breath caught once more as a single finger teased her for several long moments before venturing further. A moan escaped her lips as he pushed the digit deep inside her body, pumping it slowly to make sure she was ready for him.

As much as he wanted to take his time with this, Kagome was more than ready to be taken. Even though he'd encountered no barrier he knew the girl was still a virgin, she'd likely lost it either in her travels or to her own fingers when she'd taken the time to explore her own body. Either way it would make things much easier for the both of them when he finally took her as his lover. Hiei smirked when he heard the girl whimper as he removed his finger and slowly positioned her over his cock. As she began to lower herself onto his heated length There was no mistaking her hiss of pain as he stretched her body to accommodate his erection and for a moment he stilled her, trying to allow her time to grow accustomed to his girth. "Hold still."

While it wasn't exactly comfortable Kagome knew it would be better to get the pain over with all at once rather than drawing it out more than necessary. Taking a shaky breath she pushed downward, closing her eyes as more of his length filled her. Fingers dug into her tender flesh as Hiei fought for control, his body trembling from the strain. Slowly the burning sensation eased and she was finally able to relax the death grip she had on his shoulders. Experimentally she shifted on his lap, reveling in the feeling of being filled so completely. Needing more of the sweet friction she began to ride him, her head tossed back as his shaft invoked sensations that her fingers never could.

As his lover picked up speed, Hiei began adding his own movements, thrusting up into her as best as his position would allow. Water spilled over the edges of the tub, splashing to the floor as they moved together, each straining for their release. When her fingers came up to roll her nipples between the tips he nearly lost it as her walls clenched even tighter around his length. "Thats it, touch yourself as I fuck you."

Unable to deny the apparition's command, Kagome trailed a hand between their bodies and began massaging her clit vigorously as she impaled herself on his length. Her cries of pleasure filled the room and overpowered the music as Kagome came closer and closer to her release. Hiei's harsh voice ordering her to cum for him was the final straw, her body tightening in pleasure as her climax slammed into her.

With her walls milking him and making it near impossible to move Hiei ached for his own release, his member throbbing with every move he made. A hoarse cry escaped his lips as he found completion, emptying his seed deep within her body. After what seemed like an eternity and an instant all at the same time his body finally relaxed against the warm tile with Kagome coming to rest comfortably on his chest.

Several minutes later Kagome finally stirred, the strain on her knees becoming too much. Placing a gentle kiss on her apparition's lips she began to pull away from him, her eyes going to the towel she'd brought in with her. It was difficult to stand, her legs not wanting to hold up her own weight but a steadying hand kept her from losing her balance. "Thanks." It would take her a while to get used to feeling like this but Kagome had no doubt she'd enjoy every moment of it. As her feet hit the wet bathmat Kagome couldn't help but groan. The floor was absolutely soaked, it'd take most of the towels to mop up the mess and at the moment all she wanted to do was fall down on the bed and relax.

Hiei knew exactly what she was thinking as he stepped out of the tub, his eyes running over her nude form in appreciation. As his body stirred once more the apparition licked his lips, there had been so much he'd wanted to do to her but had been denied because of where they had been. When the girl bent over to begin to try and clean the mess, his hand caressed the curve of her backside. "Leave it, I'm not finished with you yet."

That was the only warning she got before Hiei lifted her off of her feet and carried her through the bathroom. It would seem he wasn't going to give her a choice in the matter, not that she was really complaining. As he deposited her on the bed and moved to settle himself between her thighs, her fingers buried themselves in his soft hair. When his head moved further down in a move that promised he was just getting started her eyes slid closed. Loud voices could be heard just outside the doorway but she couldn't bring herself to care. Everything and everyone else could go to hell for the moment, there was no way she was leaving the bedroom while Hiei was doing such sinful things to her body.

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