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Hearts on the Mend, Part 3 (Supernatural, Sam/Charlie, #08)

Title: Hearts on the Mend, Part 3
Author/Artist: my_sam_dean
Pairing: Sam/Charlie (het)
Fandom: Supernatural
Theme: #08 - down in the dumps
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Supernatural.

School was dragging on. The days were dreary. There were too many days between hearing from Sam. Whatever it was working on Charley, she was down in the dumps. When she went to bed and just couldn't sleep, she'd had enough. She called Sam.


"Can you talk?"

"Yeah. We're at the motel. Just give me a minute," Charley could hear a door shut. "I just went outside so I didn't lose the signal and I have some privacy from Dean. We've been getting on each other's nerves lately."

"I wish you were here," Charley was fighting the tears.

"I do, too, babe. But, you know I have to go where the hunt takes us."

"I missed you over Christmas."

"I wish we could have made it, I really do. When is your next break from school?"

"One day off here and there but at Easter we have a four day weekend. Think you can some then?"

"Send me the exact dates and I'll make sure we can see you. I really am sorry about Christmas."

"I knew you'd be here if you could. I think I just have the blues today."

"What happened?"

"Nothing really. Just missing you."

"How are you r classes going?" Sam asked.

"They're not too bad. I have most of my required classes taken already for graduation. The days just seem long when I'm thinking of you."

"I know the feeling, Charlie. How about I drop you a letter from time to time and you can read them over and over when the blues get ya?"

"That would be nice. Can you send some big hugs, too?"

"Wish I could honey. How is your family handling our long distance relationship?"

"As long as it stays long distance, they're fine. Otherwise, the age difference creeps them out. I'll be eighteen in February, though, so they can't have much say in it after that."

"I'll win your parents over one day. I will, you know."

"I know you will. Just like how you won me."

"That's right. But, let's hope I don't have to rescue your folks from anything supernatural."

"That would not be a very good first impression," Charlie chuckled a little.

Sam thought it was wonderful to hear her laugh. If he closed his eyes, he could pretend that she was sitting right next to him, talking.

"I love you , Charlie. You know you're the only one for me, right?"

"I know, Sam. Just like you're the only one who could make me totally happy."

"I wish we weren't apart," Sam admitted. "One day it won't be like this."

"I know this is temporary. Sometimes that thought doesn't help much when I'm missing you right now."

"I know how that feels. We'll shoot for Easter break, okay? Do you want me to meet your folks then? They'll have to meet me sometime."

"I'll think about it," Charley replied. "I'd rather jut have you all to myself for four days."

"Hmmm. Sounds good to me. Think your folks will go for it?"

"Of course not."

"Hey, I had to ask," Sam laughed. "I'm sure we'll get some time with just the two of us. I should get back inside, it's cold out here. Are you feeling any better?"

"Just hearing your voice made me feel better," Charlie told him. "I don't want you to catch cold. I'll let you get back inside."

"I love you and miss you, Charlie."

"I love and miss you, too, Sam. I'll let you know exactly when Easter break is."

"That'd be great. I'll see you then."

"Goodnight, Sam."

"Goodnight, Charlie."

Sam shut his phone and went inside.

Charlie hung up her phone and flopped down on her bed, finally able to relax enough to go to sleep.

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